Fractional Staking on Pocket Network

Join our node pool for as little as 1,000 $POKT and no out-of-pocket costs.

Stake your $POKT in our fractional staking pool and enjoy the network's highest APY rates. Continuously compound your rewards or withdraw them daily to your wallet.

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Continuous Rewards Compounding

Stake your $POKT rewards daily instead of monthly. We automatically roll your rewards into new nodes.

Daily Reward Payments

Receive rewards daily to your designated pocket wallet.

Low Minimums

Start with as little as 1,000 $POKT and own a fractional share of our pool.


Our Infrastructure Advantage

Our premium validator node pool beats the network average by 31%

Dedicated, not shared, CPUs with excess capacity to maximize Pocket relays

Full insurance provided for every validator node

Automatic monitoring and network-outages fixed within minutes

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Win-Win Pricing

The more you earn, the more we earn. We take a 5% commission for managing your nodes. Revenue-share incentivizes us to maximize your rewards.


Rewards Commission plus a $10 per day fee per node to cover hardware upkeep


Nodes managed, generating enough rewards for multiple nodes every day


Our Rewards Advantage over the network average